Improve your typing speed with these exercises

improve typing speed

Here are some tips of Improving your typing speed

With all the time we spend typing on the computer, it is important that we know how to write as best and as quickly as possible . Therefore, we are going to see some exercises and websites to increase the speed of our writing.

Starting with the basics

We must learn to use the correct hands and fingers for each key . In the illustration below we can see the name of each row of the keyboard , as well as the hand and finger that we must use.

Exercises to improve typing speed

We must gain ease with our fingers, and that can only be achieved by exercising. The most common is to type with the corresponding finger each of the rows, starting with the Guide Row. Thus, with the left hand we will type ASDFG, we will press the spacer a couple of times with our thumb and then we will do the same with the left hand: Ñ LKJ H.

We will repeat this exercise until we complete about five or six lines, without looking at the screen and without worrying about the line jump, which will be done automatically . Then we will do the same with the rest of the rows and hands, always using the thumb for the spacer.

Words formed with letters from each row

Once the rows are mastered with the correct fingers, we will repeatedly write words formed with the keys in each row , repeatedly until we get two or three lines, always without looking at the keyboard. Here are some examples of words.

  • Words formed with letters from the Guide Row
  • Sala, gala, girdle, dagger, fairy, skirt, sore, false, salty, flatter.
  • Words formed with letters of the Dominant Row
  • That, bull, other, challenge, broken, touch, dog, I want, because, European, desk.
  • Words formed with the three rows combined
  • Using each hand alternately
  • Mug, fellowship, july, pine, child, rust, hymn, lead, trace, homemade, dig.
  • Using both hands
  • Balloon, key, wizard, son-in-law, grass, ring, game, date, suitcase, Friday, tile, package, bottle.
  • Of course, we can expand the words with the ones we want.
  • Free websites to increase typing speed
  • We are going to see below some web pages with lessons and speed tests that will be very useful to us.


Available in several languages, in Keyboard we will find exercises and separate lessons for each line of the keyboard , as well as tests to increase our speed.


In Typingclub we will find more than 100 interactive lessons divided into several levels so that we can learn to type correctly and quickly, also indicating the correct position of our hands on the keyboard.

Speed ​​Typing Online

Like the previous ones, Speed ​​Typing Online presents exercises to know which finger to use on each key , speed tests and even some games to make learning more enjoyable. It is divided into two levels and is exclusively in English.

A good way to exercise our keyboard speed is with the Lenovo Yoga 910 , a powerful and elegant notebook , with an ultra-thin bezel, a 13.9 ″ 4K screen and immersive sound.

With a thickness of only 14.3 mm and a weight of 1.29 kg , the Yoga 910 will accompany us anywhere, which, together with its flexibility (the watch chain articulation allows the screen to rotate completely), will allow us to practice our writing at all times.