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Pub Quiz (Round 5)

1: Who was the Greek god of the Sea?

2: Which is the only inanimate sign of the zodiac?

3: The Bolshoi Ballet is based in which city?

4: Who was British Prime Minister between 1979 and 1990?

5: Alongside English, what is the official language of Tanzania?

6: Originally acquired by eBay in 2005, which communications tool was bought by Microsoft in 2011 for $8.5bn?

7: ‘Road to Rouen’ is the fifth studio album by which British group?

8: Who painted ‘The Sistine Madonna’?

9: In Texas Hold ‘Em, what are the first three community cards better known as?

10: Which archipelago which takes it’s name from the Spanish for ‘Land of Fire’ is situated on the southernmost tip of South American mainland?

11: The Barbary lion was native to which part of the world?

12: What is the name of the tallest building in New York City?

13: Graphite is a form of which element?

14: What is the name of the Italian city which is sited on 117 islands?

15: Which Eastern European flag has a black double headed eagle on a red background?

16: David, Pieta, The Last Judgement and the Sistine Chapel Ceiling are notable works by which Italian sculptor, painter and architect and poet?

17: Peter Carl Faberge, Vladimir Nabokov and Vladimir Putin were all born in which Russian city?

18: Which French chemist and microbiologist was renowned for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation and pasteurization?

19: Which Argentinian striker is Barcelona’s all-time leading goalscorer?

20: In which city was the Titanic built


1: Poseidon

2:  Libra

3: Moscow

4: Margaret Thatcher

5:  Swahili

6:  Skype

7: Supergrass

8: Raphael

9: The Flop

10:  Tierra del Fuego

11: North Africa

12: One World Trade Centre (Freedom Tower)

13:  Carbon

14: Venice

15: Albania

16: Michelangelo

17: Saint Petersburg

18: Louis Pastour

19: Lionel Messi

20: Belfast

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