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General Knowledge Quiz Question and Answers 2020

General knowledge Quiz round 1

general knowledge quiz

1: The book ‘Our Man in Havana’ is written by which author?

2: Christine Baranski played which character in ‘The Good Wife’ and continue in the follow-up series ‘The Good Fight’?

3: American singer Roger Miller is perhaps famous for which hit song and karaoke classic?

4: Which is the highest rank in the Royal Navy?

5: The Sabre-toothed tiger became extict about 10000 years ago, but on which continent did it roam

6: The sport of Badminton originate by which country?

  1. a) France b) England c) Germany

7: Scotland’s Forth Bridge crosses which body of water?

8: Which public inquiry held throughout 2011 and 2012 examined the ethics of the British press following the phone hacking scandal?

9: ‘Barnacle Bill the Sailor’ was the original theme tune for which long-running BBC children’s program?

10:  The following are all examples of what:

The Dogs, Flag, Control, Smersh, Zep, Gag and The Owsla

11:  In accordance with the US postal service and the Citizen’s Stamp Advisory Commitee, what kind of person shall not be honoured on a US postal stamp?

12:  What was Google’s top search term for the year 2009?

13:  What percentage of the total population of Ireland have red hair?

  1. a) 4%
  2. b) 8%
  3. c) 24%

14:  Which controversial and expressive man was given the nickname ‘Jack the dripper’?

15: What is the geometric name of an angle which is below than 90 degrees?

16: Which country is known by the ISO country code ‘AZ’?

17: Who was the first female minister of the state in British parliament history in 1965?

  1. a) Margaret Thatcher b) Theresa May c) Barbara Castle

18 lewisham, Lambeth and Merton are all boroughs of which British city?

19: Which BBC television and radio presenter wrote an autobiography entitled ‘Banjaxed’?

20: In which year did author Sir Terry Pratchett, soul singer Ben E King and actor Sir Christopher Lee all pass away?

Round 1 ANSWER

1: Graham Greene

2: Diane Lockhart

3: ‘King of the Road’

4: Admiral of the Fleet (not just Admiral)

5: North and South America

6: b) England

7: Forth of Firth

8: Leveson Inquiry

9: Blue Peter

10: 1. All fictional secret police organisations (Dogs from Animal farm; FLAG from, Knight Rider; CONTROL from Get Smart; SMERSH from James Bond; ZEP from Tin Tin; GAG from Star Wars and The Owsla from Watership Down)

11:  A living person.

12:  Michael Jackson

13:  a. 4%

14: Jackson Pollock

15: Acute

16: Azerbaijan

17: c) Barbara Castle

18: London

19: Terry Wogan

20: 2015

 General knowledge Quiz round 2

general knowledge quiz

1: Which is the common surname featured in the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

  1. a) Jones b) Moore c) Williams

2: Charles Dickens featured on which British banknote?

3: Physicist Albert Einstein was born in which country?

  1. a) Sweden b) Switzerland c) Germany

4: The UK towns of Bootle and Birkenhead are sit on which river?

5: US sprinter Jim Hines was the first man to achieve which world renowned athletic feat?

6: The Nutshell pub in Bury St. Edmunds holds which distinction?

7: Sir Nicholas Grimshaw is best known for his work on the terminal at London’s Waterloo station, the Cutty Sark conversion project and which popular Cornish visitors’ attraction?

8: Which ‘B’ is a wooden hat worn over the head and neck that takes its’ name from a Black Sea port?

9: King Edward, Maris Piper and Romano are all types of which vegetable?

10: Which former Manchester United footballer wrote an autobiography entitled ‘Blessed’?

11: True or false; the world’s longest bridge is over more 100 miles in length?

12 Canteloupe, Egusi and Water are all types of which fruit?

13: In architecture, which ‘A’ is the inner courtyard that is open to the sky or a skylight?

14: Accra is the capital city of which African country?

15: Which Bradford-born artist became known for his work depicting Californian swimming pools?

16: Sam Worthington plays Jake Scully in which 2009 3D film by James Cameron?

17: In the human eye what are the Cone cells responsible for?

18: The first LASER was built in what year?

19: 24 Sussex Drive is the official residency of the Prime Minister of which country?

20: Who was the sitting British Prime Minister when Elizabeth II became Queen?

Round 2 ANSWER

1: c) Williams

2: £10

3: c) Germany

4: Mersey

5: First man to run 100m under 10 seconds

6: Smallest pub in Britain

7: The Eden Project

8: Balaclava

9: Potato

10: George Best

11: True: between Beijing and Shanghai

12: Melon

13: Atrium

14: Ghana

15: David Hockney

16: Avatar

17: Colour vision

18: 1960

19: Canada

20: Sir Winston Churchill

General knowledge round 3

general knowledge quiz

1: In which city would you be if you were on the Ponte de Rialto?

2: Which of two countries does the River Ganges flow through?

3: Which most popular drink was once known as ‘sack’ in England?

4: The name for which clever and playful mammal stems from the Greek word for womb?

5: According to the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions, which is the most famous destination for visitors outside London? a) Stonehenge b) Eden Project c) Chester Zoo

6: What is the stage name of Stuart Leslie Goddard?

7: which was the company introduced The Tea bag in 1953?

8: Richard Noble set a land speed record of 633.468 miles per hour by driving which car?

9: Which bridge was voted Scotland’s greatest man-made wonder in 2016?

10: In the British Honours System, which award is higher in ranking? The Victoria Cross or the George Cross?

11: Which is the most westernly railway station in standard London Monopoly board?

  1. a) Marylebone Station b) King’s Cross c) Liverpool Street

12: In Eastenders, a 2019 love interest for Jean Slater was played by which British actor known for his role in The Young Ones?

13: ‘Never Had a Dream Come True’ was a 2000 UK number one for which group?

14:  From 1982-1996, who was the only tennis player woman to win Wimbledon other than Martina Navratilova and Steffi Graf?

15:  Onychophagia is a common habit particularly for many near the end of a sporting event. What is Onychophagia?

16: A ‘blessing’ is the collective noun given to which fabled creature?

17:  In song, who are”lives in a very bad part of town”?

18: Who was born “Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta” on March the 28th 1986?

19: What is the term used ‘Sat Nav’ short for?

20: Montmartre is a large hill in which French city?

Round 3 ANSWER

1: Venice

2: India and Bangladesh

3:  Sherry

4: Dolphin (from the Greek ‘delphys’

5: c) Chester Zoo

6: Adam Ant

7: Tetley

8: Thrust2

9: Forth Bridge

10: The Victoria Cross

11: a) Marylebone Station

12: Adrian Edmondson

13: S Club 7

14:  Conchita Martinez (in 1994)

15: Nail biting

16: Unicorn

17: Sloopy. Hang on Sloopy (The McCoys)

18: Lady GaGa – an American singer, songwriter, fashion designer, pianist and performance artist.

19: Satellite Navigation

20: Paris

General Knowledge Round 4

general knowledge quiz

1: Which 1992 film stars Michael Douglas as Nick Curran and Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell?

2: What did Clarence Birdseye invent in 1930?

3: Which ‘C’ is consider as a form of cow’s milk with the water removed?

4: True or false; US TV star Jerry Springer was born in London’s Highgate tube station?

5: Running from 2009 to 2016 ‘The Good Wife’ starred which actress?

6: Jack Dorsey founded which social network in March 2006?

7: What did invented by Charles Babbage in 1835?

  1. a) Computer b) Car c) Electric Battery

8: In Which film in 1994 does Jim Carrey attempt to rescue the Miami Dolpins’ mascot?

9: Born in 1839, which ‘PC’ was a French Post-Impressionist artist who married Hortense Fiquet in 1886? His works include ‘The Bather’ and ‘The Lake at Annecy’.

10: Which ‘AG’ emerged into the art world in the 1980s with his ‘Another Place’ exhibition which is now permanently situated on Crosby Beach?

11: In which decade by time did Roger Bannister run the world’s first recorded four minute mile?

  1. a) 1940s b) 1950s c) 1960s

12: Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman star in which 1976 film telling of the Watergate affair?

13: What did Rickenbacker, Barth and Beauchamp invent in 1931?

  1. a) Jet engine b) Bra c) Electric guitar

14: The ‘Ye Olde trop to Jerusalem’ pub in Nottingham holds which distinction?

15: Who plays Batman in the 1989 film of the same name?

16: In 2006, which of the traditional planets of the solar system was relegated to dwarf-planet status?

17: Alpha, Dominant and Nevada are all belong to which vegetable?

18: Which of the traditional planets of the solar system is closest to the sun?

19: What is the collective name used for a group of Dolphins?

20: Who was the President of the USA from the year 1977 to 1981?

Round 4 Answer

1: Basic Instinct

2: Frozen food

3: Condensed

4: True (it served as a bomb shelter during the war)

5: Julianna Margulies

6: Twitter

7: a) Compute

8: Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

9: Paul Cezanne

10: Antony Gormley

11: b) 1950s

12: All the President’s Men

13: c) Electric guitar

14: Oldest pub in Britain

15: Michael Keaton

16: Pluto

17: Cauliflower

18: Mercury

19: A Pod

20: Jimmy Carter

General Knowledge Round 5

general knowledge quiz

1: What’s the family relationship between actors Sissy Spacek and Rip Torn?

2: Which celebrity, born in Ballymena in 1952, played Oskar Schindler in Schindler’s List?

3: The fear of open spaces is known as what?

4: What is the national flower of India?

5:  The Rialto bridge is a famous tourist attraction in which city?

6:  In which classic movie is there an evil whale named ‘Monstro’?

7: Which film actress shares her name with a wife of Henry VIII?

8: Which board game, invented by American architect Alfred Mosher Butts, was originally called “Criss-Crosswords”

9: The type of meat most consumed globally is what?

10: In ancient Rome which ranked higher a Senator or a Consul?

11: Which Yann Martel novel won the Booker Prize in 2002?

12: Born in Trinidad and Tobago as Onika Tanya Maraj this singer is known by which stagename?

13: USA enter in World War II from which year?

14: In the USA, the ‘founding fathers’ jointly signed which document?

15: Which political leader was elected President of South Africa in 1994?

16: Which ‘B’ is a large frog native to North American and Mexico known for it’s loud croak?

17: Which illustrious ship, named after a Roman state, held the Blue Riband from 1907 till 1929?

18: What was John Steinbeck’s travelling companion Charley?

19: What is the defining characteristic of someone who suffers from Hypertrichosis?

20: Cape Agulhas (Cape of Needles) is the southernmost point on which continent?

Round 5 Answer

1: Cousins

2: Liam Neeson

3: Agoraphobia

4: Lotus

5: Venice

6: Pinocchio

7: Jane Seymour

8: Scrabble

9: Pork

10: Consul

11:  The Life of Pi

12: Nicki Minaj

13: 1941

14: Declaration of Independence

15: Nelson Mandela

16: Bullfrog

17: Mauretania

18: French Poodle

19: (lots of) Hair, everywhere

20:  Africa

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