General Knowledge Quiz (Round 7)

1: In architecture, which ‘G’ is a style popular in Western Europe between the 12th and 16th centuries including features such as stone structures and large expanses of glass?

  1. a) Gothic b) Georgian c) Grecian

2: What mode of transport did Christopher Cockerell invent in 1955?

3: Which avant-garde British artist born in 1965 became known for his work preserving dead animals in formaldehyde? He won the Turner Prize in 1995.

4: Ecclesiophobia is the fear of what?

5: Ataturk International Airport services which city?

6: Which sports film sees teen Danny Noonan employed as a caddy at the snob-infested Bushwood Country Club?

7: What is the collective name for the eight small bones that connect the forearm with the hand?

8: HMS Bounty famously suffered a mutiny by the crew, but what was the mission the ship was on?

9: Which city is home to Michelangelo’s masterpiece ‘David’?

10: A Greek goddess personified by the rainbow, a plant, and a colourful part of the human body. One word.

11: . A catastrophe and an Italian wine bottle in a straw basket. One word.

12: In literature, who does Akela adopt?

13: In the Royal Navy which ranks higher? a) Midshipman b) Chief Petty Officer

14: What did the United States adopt as its national anthem in 1931?

15: What is the name for the object that is placed either side of an aeroplane wheel to stop it rolling?

16: The life of entertainer Fanny Brice inspired which musical film starring Barbra Streisand?

17: Which best friend of Hercule Poirot was introduced in the Agatha Christie novel The Mysterious Affair at Styles?

18: In Scrabble, how many points is the letter K worth?

19: What is US President Donald Trump’s middle name?

  1. a) John b) James c) Joseph

20: Which ‘A’ is a soft stone of type gypsum, commonly used for carving and decorative pieces?


1: a) Gothic

2: Hovercraft

3: Damien Hirst

4: Churches

5: Istanbul

6: Caddyshack

7: Carpal bones

8: Transporting Breadfruit from Tahiti to the West Indies.

9: Florence

10:  Iris

11:  Fiasco

12:  Mowgli (from Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’)

13: a) Midshipman

14: The Star Spangled Banner

15: Chock

16: Funny Girl

17: Arthur Hastings

18: 5 points

19: a) John

20: Alabaster

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