General Knowledge Quiz Questions (Round 12)

1: What item of clothing did Levi Strauss invent in 1850?

2: Golden Miller won which Horse Racing event five times in a row between 1932 and 1936?

3: Ennio Morricone won a 2016 Academy Award for Best Original Score for which Tarantino western?

4: Jose Mourinho most recently managed which club before his arrival at Manchester United in 2016?

5: Which female artist had the best selling album of 2016 ‘Lemonade’?

6: Which celebrity chef wrote an autobiography called ‘Devil in the Kitchen’?

7: Kevin Spacey plays Lester Burnham in which 1999 film?

8: Lib Dem politician Paddy Ashdown was born in which country?

  1. a) England b) India c) Canada

9: What did Ralph Scheider invent in 1950?

  1. a) Credit Card b) Mobile Phone c) Electric Battery

10: The Marquis of Queensbury formalised rules for which sport?

11: Which national park became Britain’s first in 1951?

  1. a) Cairngorms b) Peak District c) South Downs

12: Vaduz is the capital city of which tiny European country?

13: Oberon is the largest of the satellites orbiting which of the traditional solar system planets?

  1. a) Mars b) Saturn c) Uranus

14: In architecture, which ‘B’ is a German school of design founded by Walter Gropius in 1919?

  1. a) Bauhaus b) Brutalism c) Blobitecture

15: Addis Ababa is the capital city of which African country?

16: Actress Audrey Hepburn was born in which country?

  1. a) Belgium b) USA c) Spain

17: Which English landscape painter is most closely associated with the county of Suffolk where his works include ‘Dedham Vale’ and ‘The Hay Wain’ are set?

  1. a) John Constable b) JMW Turner c) Thomas Gainsborough

18: Siddhartha Gautama founded which religion in the sixth century?

19: On an email, what does ‘CC’ stand for?

20: In the Thunderbirds television series which character piloted Thunderbird 4?


1: Jeans

2:Cheltenham Gold Cup

3: The Hateful Eight

4: Chelsea

5: Beyonce

6: Marco Pierre White

7: American Beauty

8: b) India

9: a) Credit Card

10: Boxing

11: b) Peak District

12: Liechtenstein

13:c) Uranus

14: a) Bauhaus

15: Ethiopia

16: a) Belgium

17: a) John Constable

18: Buddhism

19: Carbon Copy

20: Gordon Tracy