General Knowledge Quiz (Round 6)

1: What cake derives its name from the French word for lightning?

2: Montmartre is a large hill in which French city?

3: Which rap legend is known as Hova?

4: In the opening scene of the Godfather movie, what is the name of Don Corleone’s daughter who’s wedding is taking place as her father takes requests?

5: As of 2018, which jockey had most classic wins?

6: In the UK, which island might you be referring to by the initials IOW?

7: Aviator Denys Corbett Wilson is best known for completing which feat in 1912?

8: Which word game invented by Allan Turoff features a grid of lettered dices?

9: The Whitbread Book Award became known as what in 2006 when the name of the sponsor changed?

10: Audrey Tautou plays which title character in this 2001 French happy-go-lucky film?

11: In architecture, which ‘AD’ term describes a popular 1930s design style featuring bold outlines and geometric shapes?

12: Which British architect born in 1806 is best known for the original Thames Tunnel and the Clifton and Hungerford Suspension Bridges?

  1. a) Robert Stephenson b) Isambard Kingdom Brunel c) William Henry Barlow

13: Who played boxer Muhammed Ali in the 2001 biopic ‘Ali’?

14: Which batsman holds the highest individual scorer in test match cricket having scored 400 against England in 2003-04?

15: Alan Shepard was which country’s first astronaut to visit space in 1961?

  1. a) Australia b) Great Britain c) USA

16: Which Mexican painter born in 1907 and known for her surrealist work was depicted on the big screen by Salma Hayek in 2002?

17: In which British city might you find the Arndale Centre, The Trafford Centre or the Triangle?

18: Ford Maddox Brown was a French-born painter best associated with which British city?

  1. a) London b) Birmingham c) Manchester

19: Which is the larger lake; Lake Superior or Lake Michigan?

20: What mode of transport did Gottlieb Daimler invent in 1885?


1: Éclair

2: Paris

3: Jay-Z

4: Connie

5: Lestor Piggot

6: Isle of Wight

7: First complete flight between Britain and Ireland

8: Boggle

9: Costa Book Awards

10: Amelie

11: Art Deco

12: b) Isambard Kingdom Brunel

13: Will Smith

14: Brian Lara

15: c) USA

16: Frida Kahlo

17: Manchester

18: c) Manchester

19: Lake Superior

20: Motor cycle

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