General Knowledge Quiz (Round 10)

1: Which British architect born in 1935 is best known for buildings including the Stansted Airport Terminal Building, London’s Millennium Footbridge, ‘The Gherkin’ and the new Wembley Stadium?

2: Bedfordshire, Blood Red and Lancastrian are all types of which vegetable?

3: Which ‘I’ is a internet image sharing app purchased by Facebook in April 2012?

4: Which athlete won gold in both the Men’s 100m and 200m sprint events at the 2016 Olympic Games?

5: Which planet sits between Saturn and Neptune in it’s proximity to the sun?

6:Astana is the capital city of which Eastern European country?

7: Which ‘C’ is the outermost part of the Sun’s atmosphere and is only visible with the naked eye during a solar eclipse?

8: Tom Hanks plays 12 year old Josh Baskin in which 1988 film?

9: Wandsworth, Woolwich and Harrow are all boroughs of which British city?

10: Actress Charlize Theron was born in which country?

  1. a) USA b) South Africa c) England

11: What is the name of the US public footpath that runs over two thousand miles between Georgia and Maine?

12: What ‘A’ is a bridge which carries water over valleys?

13: In which sport is the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern System used to determine which team wins, should the game be affected by rain?

14: Which team won the title in seven of the first nine seasons of Premier League football beginning in 1992?

15: Which has the largest population Moscow or London?

16: A mutiny on which ship was integral to the Russian revolution of 1905?

17: Which English city appears in the Lancashire Inquisitions of 1226 as “Sainford”?

18: at is the first name of the German composer Wagner, born in Leipzig in May 1813?

19: Which of the following elements has the lowest atomic number a) Lithium b) Potassium c) Sodium

20:  What was the name of the official residence of Russian monarchs between 1732 and 1917? (the English name)


1: Norman Foster

2: Onion

3: Instagram

4: Usain Bolt

5: Uranus

6: Kazakhstan

7: Corona

8: Big

9: London

10: b) South Africa

11: Appalachian trail

12: Aqueduct

13: Cricket

14: Manchester United

15: Moscow

16: The Potemkin

17: Salford

18: Richard

19: a) Lithium

20: The Winter Palace

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