Tips to exercise your brain

Like all muscles, your brain needs constant exercise. However, today’s technology has put too many obstacles to training that vital part of your human body, from television to the distractions of the internet, they have declared a war on the development of your brain.
The only real tool you have when you want to solve a problem is your intelligence, knowing how to train and develop it will help you make excellent decisions that will lead you to success.

We share some tips to increase your logic and reasoning:


Reading constantly is very important for your brain, as you train your imagination, enrich your vocabulary and gain new knowledge.

Reading comics or a fiction book is not the way to cultivate your brain, what you should look for with reading is to focus, know different visions, learn to express yourself correctly and learn to think accurately. A challenging book will further develop your intelligence.


Physical activity is another way to improve your intelligence, since by exercising you clear your mind, develop your imagination, and gain more energy to think of new ideas and new ways to solve your problems.

Putting together a good puzzle, solving crosswords or the classic Sudoku puzzle will help exercise your intelligence, it is also a way to challenge your brain and force it to analyze possible solutions to the respective problems posed by these games.
The most important thing about these games is that they help to observe a problem from different angles to solve them. Remember that an innate ability of successful entrepreneurs and professionals is knowing how to “solve problems”.

Crosswords – makes you think and can keep your brain stimulated.Lumosity – There are specific brain training protocols on this website.Puzzles – Puzzles that help you think and focus.Video Games – Games like Brain Age and Big Brain Academy can help your cognition. Sudoku – This is a popular game that involves logic and numbers.
to write

Writing helps exercise your imagination, your logic, and your reasoning. An excellent motivational exercise is to write down both your goals and your life-long dreams and at the end of the day write down the activities you did to accomplish these goals.

Listen to classical music

There is a theory called the “Mozart Effect”, basically it states that the more you listen to classical music, such as Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart and others like it, the more you will develop in your reasoning and logic.

Get enough rest

Having a good night’s sleep helps you focus and think clearly. Nothing makes it harder to focus than sleep deprivation.
You’ll find yourself more rejuvenated if you go to bed early and get at least 8 hours of sleep.
If you go to bed late and wake up late, you will find yourself lethargic and having trouble concentrating. In addition, the most productive hours of the day are in the morning.
Waking up early gives you more productive hours and maximizes your mental sharpness throughout the day.

Keep the TV off

Don’t you feel exhausted after a couple of hours of TV? Your eyes are sore and tired from being focused on the light box for so long. Even after watching TV you won’t have the energy to read a book.
Television can prevent you from getting the IQ you want because you are not doing other mental activities while watching television. Minimize your television moments.

Eat healthy

There are a variety of healthy foods that help brain development, among the most important:
FishThe oatsChiaAny food that contains Omega 3EggsAvocadoBananasTeaYogurt


Meditation is known to help decrease stress, improve mood, and improve brain activity.
There are different types of meditation that can be practiced, but the one that has proven to be effective is “Transcendental Meditation.”
Almost all types of meditation improve brain function and overall cognition.