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Sports Quiz Questions and Answers

Sports Quiz Questions (Round 1)

1: Which Scottish golf course is known as ‘The Home of Golf’?

2: Which English Football League club who play their home games at Gigg Lane are known as the Shakers?

3: By what name are Sheffield United F.C. also referred to as?

4: Manchester United beat which Dutch side 2-0 to win the 2017 Europa League Final?

5: Which pair of Dutch twins played for Glasgow Rangers in the early 2000s?

6: Which Dutchman beat Gary Anderson to win the PDC Darts World Championship in 2017?

7: Which international cricket playing nation is this an anagram of? NAILS ARK

8: Kraigg Brathwaite and Kieran Powell opened the batting together for which Test cricket nation?

9: Which sport did George Washington and his troops play at Valley Forge?

10:  Although figure skating leaves some of us cold, there are those who do warm to it. Name the piece of music to which each of the following won their Olympic Gold.

  1. Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean (Sarajevo 1984)
  2. Katrin Witt (Calgary 1988)

11: Who was the only heavyweight champion to finish his boxing career with a perfect record? (49 wins-0 defeats)

12: Who were the first two World Heavyweight Boxing Champions in the late 19th century?

13:  Which team reached the Super Bowl in four consecutive years (1991-94 ) and lost them all?

14:  Gr?me Le Saux was born in which Islands?

15:  How many rounds make up an amateur boxing match?

ANSWERS (Round 1)

1: St. Andrews

2: Bury

3: The Blades

4: Ajax

5: Frank & Ronald De Boer

6: Michael van Gerwen

7: Sri Lanka

8: West Indies

9: Cricket

10:  Two Answers:

  1. Bolero
  2. Carmen

11: . Rocky Marciano

12: John L Sullivan and ‘Gentleman’ Jim Corbett

13: The Buffalo Bills

14:  The Channel Islands

15:  3

Sports Quiz Questions (Round 2)

1: Who was the controversial bodyline bowler of the 1930?s?

2: At which football ground did Eric Cantona attack a fan?

3:  Which sport is played on the largest pitch?

4:  In 2000 who equalled Willie Renshaw’s record of seven Wimbledon Men’s Singles titles?

5: Which Scottish footballer left Nottingham Forest to sign for RB Leipzig for a reported £13 million in August 2016?

6: In which city was Usain Bolt competing when he broke the Mens 100m World Record in August 2009?

  1. a) New York b) Berlin c) Lausanne

7: If you were watching the Anaheim Ducks, what sport would you be watching?

8: Which English bowler finished with figures of 15/8 as Australia were bowled out for 60 in their first innings of the Fourth Ashes Test at Trent Bridge in 2015?

9: Alexander Stadium, home of the Birchfield Harriers, is found in which British city?

10: Who was the first English club to win Rugby Union’s Heineken Cup in 1998?

11: Canadian Connor McDavid is a rising star in which sport?

12: Which Englishman won his first World Championship Snooker title in 2015?

  1. a) Stuart Bingham b) Mark Selby c) Shaun Murphy

13: In which five games can one achieve a traditional Grand Slam?  (Curling and Darts excluded)

14: What is ‘Tiger’ Woods first name ?

15: Goleo, Spheriks, Ciao, Naranjito and Tip & Tap were all examples of what?

Answers (Round 2)

1: Harold Larwood

2:  Selhurst Park

3:  Polo

4: Pete Sampras

5: Oliver Burke

6: b) Berlin

7: Ice Hockey

8: Stuart Broad

9: Birmingham

10: Bath

11: Ice Hockey

12: a) Stuart Bingham

13: Tennis, golf, baseball, bridge and rugby

14:  Eldrick

15: . Football World Cup mascots

Sports Quiz Questions (Round 3)

1: In which sport did Irina Rodnina win 23 World, Olympic and European gold medals?

2: What, in Britain?s capital, did Dionico Ceron win for 3 years in a row?

3: Which annual championship was first held on 17 October 1860 at Prestwick, Ayrshire and was won by Willie Park Senior?

4:  Who did the New York cosmos buy for $4.5 million?

5: Which title did Sebastian Coe defend at the 1984 Olympics?

6: In 1950, India withdrew from the World Cup because FIFA refused to let them do what?

7: Who, aged 16 was the youngest winner of the Ladies Singles title in the 20th century?

8: From which sport does the phrase ‘knocked for six’ originate?

9: Barry Bonds led a controversial career as an exceptional hitter in which sport?

10: Javed Miandad represented which nation at cricket?

11: Who did Anthony Joshua defeat to become British Heavyweight champion on 12th December 2015?

12: Where did the Rowing and Canoe Sprint events take place at the 2012 Summer Olympics hosted in Britain?

13: Who was the first goalkeeper to score a goal in the Premier League game during Everton’s 3-2 win over Aston Villa in October 2001?

14: How many players are there on a Baseball team?

15: Which country did Great Britain defeat in the final of the 2015 Davis Cup tennis competition?

16: Cleveland Browns

Answers (Round 3)

1: Ice Skating

2: The London Marathon.

3: British Open Golf

4: Pele

5: 1500m

6: Play barefoot

7:  Martina Hingis (Winner in 1997)

8: Cricket

9: Baseball

10: Pakistan

11: Dillon Whyte

12: Eton Dorney

13: Peter Schmeichel

14: Nine

15: Belgium

16: American Football

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