Pub Quiz Questions (Round 7)

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Pub quiz (Round 7)

1: Which former American Footballer went on to play Apollo Creed in the Rocky film series?

2: Where was playwright Oscar Wilde born in October 1854?

3: Which silent film starring Jean Dujardin won the Best Film Oscar in 2011?

4: According to the proverb, ‘No man is a…’?

5: Pip, Estella and Miss Havisham feature in which Dickens tale?

6: Who has served as Queen of Tuvalu since 1978?

7: Which Scottish DJ was born Adam Richard Wiles in January 1984?

8: What is the capital city of Kenya?

9: The “Brabançonne” is the national anthem of which European country?

10: Which unit of electric current is equal to a flow of one coulomb per second?

11: Though often associated with John Barry, can you name the film composer who wrote the music to the first James Bond movie, ‘Dr. No’?

12: Tennis player Henri Leconte won 9 ATP titles in an 11 year period but which country did he represent?

13: Which musician is known by the nickname ‘The Boss’?

14: A Standard bottle of wine contains 75cl. What is the name of the size of bottle which holds 4.5ltr (or equvalent of 6 standard bottles)?

15: King Edward Point In South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands is the least populated capital in the world with a) 18 b) 38 c) 68

16: What is the name for the rock which forms when molton rock cools and solidifies?

17: Thirty-six percent of all soy beans are produced in which country?

18: Which Scotland born scientist is known for the invention of the telephone?

19: Which American composer’s best known works include a Rhapsody in Blue, An American in Paris and the opera Porgy and Bess?

20: Clark Kent is the real name of which superhero?


1: Carl Weathers

2: Dublin, Ireland

3: The Artist

4: Island

5: Great Expectations

6: Queen Elizabeth II

7: Calvin Harris

8: Nairobi

9: Belgium

10: Ampere

11: Monty Norman

12: France

13: Bruce Springsteen

14: Jeroboam

15: a) 18

16: Igneous rock

17: United States

18: Alexander Graham Bell

19: George Gershwin

20: Superman

Pub Quiz Questions (Round 8)

1: What is the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Beatrice of York?

2: Which is the largest moon of the planet Saturn, by diameter?

3: William Shakespeare was born in which English market town?

4: Which British artist’s work includes ‘May Dodge, My Nan’ and ‘My Bed’

5: Born in Hereford in 1986, which British solo singer had UK number one singles with ‘Burn’ and ‘Love Me Like You Do’?

6: What is the first book of the Hebrew Bible?

7: Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and which other club are the only sides to have won the English title three seasons in succession?

8: What is the capital city of Kenya?

9: Bodiam Castle is in which county?

10: A ‘Kri-kri’ is a feral goat now found on which island?

11: Which of the following figures is not mentioned in the Billy Joel song ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’? a) Doris Day, b) Peter Pan, c) Muhammad Ali or d) Joe Di Maggio?

12: Which 1995 film was based on a true story by the high school teacher Louanne Johnson, ‘My Posse Don’t Do Homework’?

13: Used in cooking, what is Ghee?

14: Miguel De Cervantes wrote which famous novel?

15: In golf who won both the Masters Tournament and US Open in 2015?

16: Vientiane is the capital city of which French speaking country?

17: Can you name the Portuguese explorer who organised the Spanish expedition to the East Indies in 1519, resulting in the first circumnavigation of the Earth?

18: What does the I stand for in the acronym FYI?

19: The film Grease was mostly filmed in which US state?

20: Russia is the largest country in the world measured by land mass, what is the next largest?


1: Grandmother-granddaughter

2: Titan

3: Stratford-upon-Avon

4: Tracy Emin

5: Ellie Goulding

6: Book of Genesis

7: Huddersfield Town

8: Nairobi

9: Sussex

10: Crete, Greece

11: c) Muhammad Ali

12: Dangerous Minds

13: Clarified butter

14: Don Quixote

15: Jordan Speith

16: Laos

17: Ferdinand Magellan

18: Information

19: California

20: Canada

Pub Quiz Questions (Round 9)

1: What is the name of the founder of the company Amazon who later went on to purchase The Washington Post newspaper?

2: Bella Swan (later Bella Cullan) is a character in which film series?

3: The Baggies is the nickname of which English football club?

4: The Siege of Malta took place in which war?

5: Which Yorkshire cricketer finished 2015 as England’s top run scorer with 1385 runs?

6: What is the name of the constructed international auxiliary language created by L.L. Zamenhof?

7: ‘Land and Freedom’ directed by Ken Loach features which 20th century war?

8: Which politician became Austalia’s 29th prime minister in 2015?

9: Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy is a 1971 piece of work by which British artist?

10: Operation Ten-Go was the last major Japanese naval operation of which war?

11: True or false: The Vatu is the unit of currency in Vanuatu?

12: In the children’s show Sesame Street, what is the name of Bert’s room mate?

13: What Atomic number does the element Helium have?

14: What distinction does the CSS Hunley, built in 1863 hold?

15: What was the name of the Russian chemist who first developed the Periodic Table of the Elements?

16: Which is the smallest planet in the solar system?

17: Which Baseball player held the nicknames “The Bambino” and “The Sultan of Swat”?

18: Which musical instrument, a member of the Lute family, is most commonly associated with Hawaii?

19: Which Irish writer and clergyman wrote Gulliver’s Travels?

20: The cocktail Mojito originated in which country?


1: Jeff Bezos

2: The Twilight Saga

3: West Bromwich Albion

4: World War II

5: Joe Root

6: Esperanto

7: Spanish Civil War

8: Malcolm Turnbull

9: David Hockney

10: World War II

11: True

12: Ernie

13: 2

14: It was the first military submarine

15: Dimitri Mendeleev

16: Mercury

17: Babe Ruth

18: Ukulele

19: Jonathan Swift

20: Cuba

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