Pub Quiz Questions (Round 10)

General Knowledge Questions here you find best for your test preparation Quiz night for fun and also you enjoy them.

best General Knowledge quiz questions, you find below:

1: Which Spanish region is known for the Tempranillo black grape wine variety?

2:: What colour is the distinctive King of the Mountains jersey in cycling’s Tour de France?

3: Prior to join the Euro and taking it’s name from the Greek verb ‘to grasp’, what was the former currency of Greece?

4: Which river flows through Paris and into the English Channel at Le Havre?

5: Which author’s works include The Twits and The BFG?

6: A Waning Gibbous and a Waxing Gibbous are two examples of what?

7:  Harry Hole stars as a police officer in a series of crime novels written by which Norweigan author?

8: Which US actor played Private Ryan in the blockbuster film Saving Private Ryan?

9: Which London hotel was the first in the world to offer a private bathroom for each guest?

10: What is Scotland’s second highest mountain?

11: How many players called Gary Stevens were in England’s 1986 World Cup squad? a) none b) one c) two

12: What was Robert Louis Stevensons first published novel?

13: Which novel by Jane Austen includes the characters Mr Knightley, Mr Woodhouse, and Jane Fairfax?

14: How would you say the word Car in Spanish?

15: Which chemical element is known by its symbol H?

16: Which scientist formulated the model of the universe that placed the Sun rather than the Earth at the centre of the universe?

17: Which UK chain was acquired by Whitbread in 1995 and has since grown to have over 2000 stores across 30 countries with over 1700 in the UK alone?

18: The largest tower located OUTSIDE of London in the United Kingdom is found in which English city?


1: Rioja

2: Red polka dots on white

3: Drachma

4: The Seine

5: Roald Dahl

6: Phases of the Moon

7:  Jo Nesbø

8: Matt Damon

9: The Ritz

10: Ben Macdui

11: c) two

12: Treasure Island

13: Emma

14: Coche

15: Hydrogen

16: Copernicus

17: Costa Coffee

18: Portsmouth (Spinnaker Tower)