General Knowledge Quiz Round 15

1: What natural law did Isaac Newton discover in 1684?

2: How did Anna die in the novel Anna Karenina?

3: Actor Mel Gibson of Braveheart fame was born in which country?

  1. a) Scotland b) Australia c) USA

4: In the periodic table of elements, which element has the symbol P?

5: Regarded as the first English Prime Minister, a role he had from 1721 to 1742. Who was he?

6: Which film won a 2016 Razzie for Worst Picture?

7: Which author, known for his book Fahrenheit 451 said ‘Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down.’

8: As of March 2016 which team has won the FA Cup the most number of times?

9: Which country with a population of 29,000,000 people is named after a famous city of roughly 270,000 people?

10: What name has been given to the ancient army made from baked earth that was discovered in China?

11:  Which 18th century American statesman coined the saying “Time is money”?

12:  Plus or minus 5.6, what procentage of the Titanic’s total crew and passengers were rescued?

Answers (Round 15)

1: Laws of Gravitation

2: Suicide – she threw herself under a train

3: c) USA

4: Phosphorus

5: Sir Robert Walpole

6: Fifty Shades of Grey

7: Ray Bradbury

8: Arsenal

9: * 2010 population estimates

10: The Terracotta Army

11: Benjamin Franklin

12: 31.6 %