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Pub Quiz Questions and Answers

It is the place where you judge your knowledge, these pub quiz questions uk and answers are make to give you challenge. There are 100 of rounds you find here: general knowledge quiz, music, sports, science and history.

At the end of each round you can find the correct answers. Have enjoy each round!

Pub Quiz Questions Round 1

1: Which is the only country that have taken part in every football World Cup finals?

2: Since 1987, which Tennis Grand Slam tournament has become the fourth and final in the tennis calendar?

3: Sharon Osbourne, wife of aging rocker Ozzy, was a judge on which TV music program?

4: The Cochlea, Malleus and Vestibular nerve are belong to which organ in the body?

5: Dr. John ‘J.D.’ Dorian and Christopher Turk are two important characters from which American TV comedy series which follows the lives of employees at the fictional Sacred Heart teaching hospital?

6: By what name is singer Elly Jackson also known?

7: Which British Prime Minister was born at Blenheim Palace in November 1874?

8: How many UK number one singles has Bob Dylan had?

9: The IIHF is the world governing body for which sport game?

10: Which U.S. born aviator created the first solo transatlantic flight in 1927?

11: In US schools it’s known as Recess, but what’s it known as in the UK?

12: The Blackburn Hawks are a team that compete in which sport game?

13: Who write this famous novel ‘The Spy Who Came in From the Cold’?

14: Which iconic London building sits on the top of Ludgate Hill, the highest point in the city?

15: Ernest Hemingway wrote about Robert Jordan, an American fighting with the International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War. Name the famous novel.

16: Mickey Mouse make his first appearance in which decade? a) 1910s b) 1920s c) 1930s

17: In which country the greatest population exist, Ethiopia or Pakistan?

18: Complete this political list: Thomas, Weatherill, Boothroyd, Martin… who?

19: Planned and begun in 1850 by King Maximilian II of Bavaria, Maximilianstrasse is a famous shopping district in which German city?

20: Which town of Spain has beaches in both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic?


1: Brazil

2: US Open

3: X-Factor

4: Ear

5: Scrubs

6: La Roux

7: Sir Winston Churchill

8: Zero

9: Ice Hockey

10: Charles Lindbergh

11: Playtime

12: Ice Hockey

13: John Le Carre

14: St Pauls Cathedral

15: For Whom the Bel Tolls

16: b) 1920s

17: Pakistan

18: Bercow (Speaker of the House of Commons)

19: Munich

20: Tarifa

Pub Quiz Questions Round 2

1: Charles Darwin attributes on which British bank note?

2: Nelson’s Column is a monument in which London square?

3: In a cricket game, how many runs are awarded for hitting the ball without bouncing over the boundary rope?

4: Au is the symbol of which metal?

5: Who was the first European person to reach Lake Victoria? He was also well known for producing the Hamitic hypothesis.

6: What was the former name of Sri Lanka prior to 1972?

7: What is the name of the famous mountain range that separates France and Spain?

8: Which two colours feature on the flag of Sweden?

9: Which is the biggest cathedral in the UK?

10: Tunde Baiyewu is a vocalist well known for performing with which group that had chart success in 1996 with ‘Lifted’?

11: Which Darts player struck the first ever televised nine-dart finish?

12: What triggered The Sydney Riot of 1879? a) The arrest of a prominent campaigner for social justice b) A government decision to raise taxes on local shop owners c) A controversial umpiring decision in an England vs Australia test match?

13: What was the name of Sherlock Holmes’ landlady?

14: Designed by James Hoban and completed in 1801, which building has housed all this country’s leaders bar one?

15: In Darts the board should be how far from the thowing line? a) 8ft 93/4   b) 7ft 93/4  c) 6ft 93/4

16: Born in Chinatown, San Francisco in 1940, which martial artist is the creator of Jeet Kune Do.

17: Which war involving ‘The Roundheads’ and ‘The Cavaliers’ took began in 1642 and ending in 1651?

18: The ‘House of Bourbon’ is a royal dynasty in which European country?

19: Wise, methodical detective Lester Freamon is a fictional character in which TV series play?

20: Copenhagen has a famous amusement park and pleasure gardens opened in 1843. Name the famous park.


1: Ten pound note

2: Trafalgar Square

3: Six runs

4: Gold

5: John Hanning Speke

6: Ceylon

7: The Pyrenees

8: Blue and Yellow

9: Liverpool Cathedral

10: Lighthouse Family

11: John Lowe

12: c) A controversial umpiring decision in an England VS Australia test match

13: Mrs Hudson

14: The White House

15: b) 7ft 93/4 in

16: Bruce Lee

17: English Civil War

18: France

19: The Wire

20: Tivoli

Pub Quiz Questions Round 3

1: just how old was Frodo when he came of age in the book Fellowship of the Rings?

2: Which Oasis song opens with the lyrics ‘Today is gonna be the day’?

3: What’s the name of the branch of medicine that focuses on eyesight?

4: Ricky Wilson and Andrew White are all members of which British rock band?

5: Liberty City, Vice City and Sam Andreas are all fictional cities in which video game series?

6: Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert are members of that British band?

7: Directed by Carol Reed, which 1949 film starring Orson Welles top a 1999 BFI poll as the greatest British film of the 20th century?

8: On the famous Beatles cover for the album Abbey Road, which is on the far left of the picture?

9: Which famous style of coffee which originated in Australia is served as steamed milk poured over two shots of espresso, topped with microfoam?

10: Cornwall’s South West Path appeared as a working path used by Revenue Officers to patrol the coast near Polperro in looking of smugglers?

11: Which American comedian links ‘Seinfeld’ which he co-created and ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ where he played a semi-fictionalised version of himself?

12: Which two Irish cities are linked by the Western Railway Corridor? a) Limerick and Sligo b) Galway and Dundalk c) Dublin and Cork

13: The Battle of Waterloo took place in 1815, but in which country is Waterloo is present?

14: 2320 miles long river system is the longest in North America, what is it’s name?

15: Mark Ronson had the biggest selling record of 2015, and featured Bruno Mars. Name the song.

16: The ‘Steel Butterfly’ Imelda Marcos is the widow of the previous President of which country?

17: Which previous US President was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky in 1809?

18: Which UK comedy legend’s epitaph reads “I told you I was ill.”?

19: The Europe’s most southernly capital city?

20: The city name Dublin has the same meaning in irish as this english seaside town.


1: 33 years old

2: Wonderwall

3: Optometry

4: Kaiser Chiefs

5: Grand Theft Auto

6: New Order

7: The Third Man

8: George Harrison

9: Flat white

10: True

11: Larry David

12: a) Limerick and Sligo

13: Belgium

14: Mississippi

15: Uptown Funk

16: The Philippines

17: Abraham Lincoln

18: Spike Milligan

19: Nicosia, Cyprus

20: Blackpool

The best Pub Quizzes, questions and answers are carefully chosen for your enjoyment. There are simple questions that most will have the ability to reply but in addition, there are many hard, challenging and funny questions and a few real brain teasers to get the competition moving! quiz questions and answers give exceptional entertainment, unlimited hours of fun and enjoyment, particularly with those ready made club quests.

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