How to do an essay? characteristics, structure and tips for its preparation

Those of us who work in the educational field, know that sooner or later we will find ourselves in the need to know the characteristics and structure that an essay should have, either to have pertinent references when preparing it, in the case of students; or to review and evaluate it, in the case of teachers. In any situation, the writing of this text usually raises certain doubts, so it is convenient to know some relevant aspects that help us understand its composition in a better way.


The essay is a writing in which the author makes an analysis of a certain issue or idea, expresses his point of view and gives a personal opinion. To carry out this analysis, he conducts research to enrich and support the opinions he makes known. This writing is generally brief, and in it the subject is exposed, analyzed and commented without the length or depth that a treatise or manual demands.


It is a flexible text in which a wide variety of topics can be dealt with freely.
In this type of text the author makes his point of view known; It is the opinion that he has regarding the matter at hand.
The author must have some knowledge of the subject and be able to pass judgment on the subject.
The opinion of the person who writes it is enriched by research he does on the matter.
The treatment of the subject is varied: it can be presented as unfinished, it can adopt a polite tone to cover up irony or it can be controversial.


Entry: Paragraph (s) that try to engage the reader. It begins with anecdotes, short stories or dialogues that attract attention.

Presentation: Paragraph (s) of the writing in which the formality is increased; hints at the research work carried out.