7 skills to succeed in business … and in life

To be successful in business and in life,  you must focus on following all the keys that we share with you in each video, post, masterclass, etc.  Do you want to start a business just for money? DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!  Now going to explain in detail why he thinks like this:

Today we reveal the 7 skills that you must develop every day to achieve it. Think of them as necessary tools to succeed:

 Millionaire mindset and positive attitude

In this way you will be more productive and cultivate the image of a successful person. Do not see problems, look for viable solutions .

1. Master the art of the word

  • Whether on a chance encounter in an elevator or giving an important speech at a conference, the ability to speak with property and on various issues is essential. Being a good speaker will make you a memorable person for those who interact with you.
  • First, remember that to be a good speaker, you must be a good listener.
  • In addition, you must cultivate a broad vocabulary and polish your ability to adapt your language to your audience .
  • Never forget the importance of eye contact .
  • Practice your way of expressing yourself in every opportunity that comes your way. Because being more skilled in social situations will facilitate the task of increasing your social networks successfully. In this way, you will forge potential working relationships that can bring you many advantages in the future.

2. Increase your level of confidence in your decision making

  • To be successful, you must be a determined person , with determination .
  • Your confidence in yourself and your abilities will be crucial to stand out among people who have profiles similar to yours.
  • If you want to be considered a leader , you must be a person who takes action and trusts your decisions .
  • Decisions may sometimes be wrong . But it is better to make mistakes and correct them , than to do nothing. Remember that a mistake can be corrected. That is why, as Luis Eduardo says , it is better to go out looking for opportunities than to sit and wait for them to pass.
  • Define which decision-making process best suits you. You can be one of the people who prefer to have several different options and balance the points for and against each one. To finally make the decision that obtains a better result in the comparison.The key is to make sure your decisions are well reasoned.
  • Trust your judgment and lean on your work team or close people.
  • Placing yourself in the firing line when making decisions will earn you the respect of your peers.

3. Take care of your presentation

As Jomaira Laverde taught us in our Sales Master , learning to present yourself to others is another important aspect of success. Good personal hygiene and appropriate attire will project an image of triumph before you say a word. Demonstrating high standards in your self image is an indication that you meet those standards overall and will make other people have a more favorable first impression.

In addition, you must also take care of the presentation of your work. Your website, your social networks and your offline life should be in line with that professional image that you are building .

4. Be responsible and accountable

To stand out, it is also important to learn to accept responsibility , both for successes and failures. This way you will earn the respect of more people . Because acknowledging mistakes instead of trying to blame others is an attitude that will win you more friends than enemies . We all make mistakes. But the true test of character lies in how we react to them.

Acknowledging our responsibility is a sign of security and self-confidence . Therefore, this is one of the skills to be successful in business. .. and in life.

6. Learn to do good time management

  • Organization and planning will allow you to manage your time well.
  • Find the formula that best suits you. Check out the 6 practical tips to increase your productivity that we already share with you.
  • Always take note of the tasks you have pending, the due dates and establish a work schedule to avoid the last minute rush.
  • If you try to do everything in due time, your work will be of better quality and you will be entrusted with greater responsibilities.

7. Never stop innovating

  • To be successful in business you must develop your ability to innovate and devise solutions to challenges that arise.
  • Regardless of your professional development field, research what the most common problems are and look for solve those challenges.
  • The point is not to settle, but to innovate to move forward. Make things happen and that way you will always be noticed.
  • Whether there is a lack of trained staff, communication problems, conflicts with the authority or a technical failure … The important thing is that you seek solutions and help improve the current situation.